2016 Midwest Petite Princess Pageant

February 5th-6th

Our Reigning Petite Princess


Join us for our 2nd year of the Midwest Petite Princess Pageant. This pageant is specifically for ages 2yrs-3yrs. This fun experience is open to contestants from anywhere in the midwest. Scroll below for our application and newsletter! Deadline to enter is January 15.

Required Competitions: $125 

(Covers all 3 areas of mandatory competition)

Contestants ages 2-3 yrs old as of January 1,2016. We do have a 3 month fall back. 

Questions? ILIJM@hotmail.com

There are 3 areas of require competitions: Casual Wear, Party Wear & Photogenic

Party Wear (25%)

Short party dress for all ages. Dress can be "fancy" but no glitz dresses are allowed. White ankle socks and white shoes are required. Many department stores carry fun short party dresses with great prices! 

Photogenic (25%)

Your photogenic entry should be no smaller than a 5X7 and no larger then an 8X10. This photo should be a natural photo of your contestant , without heavy editing and no makeup. 

Casual Wear (25%)

Contestants should model age appropriate attire that is off the rack! This competition is all about fun, and the outfit chosen should display your contestans style and personality.


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